Wooden Doll House

Antique (1/11)

  • Amazing! Antique Bliss German Wood Dollhouse Beautiful Table Chair Inside
  • Amazing! Antique Bliss German Wood Dollhouse Beautiful Table Chairs Inside
  • Amazing! Antique Bliss Or Gottschalk German Wood Dollhouse Beautiful
  • Mystery Dollhouse Antique Wood Doll House With Inlaid Floors, Turn Of The 20th C
  • Rare Childrens Antique German Dutch Doll House 1940s German Living Room Balcony
  • Country Farmhouse Antique 11 Room Porch Handmade Vintage Dollhouse Doll House
  • Antique Original 1912 Dora Kuhn Austrian Miniature Doll House Furniture 6 Pcs
  • Antique 1930s Gottschalk German Farm With Ore Mountains Animals Doll House
  • Small Antique 1910/20's Printed Wood Doll House
  • Antique Aafa Dollhouse Run Down Farm Doll House Patina Furniture Abandoned Uh Oh
  • Antique Doll House
  • Vintage Handmade Dollhouse Folk Art Storybook Cottage Wood Doll Antique House
  • Sheep Horned Ram Miniature Putz German Stick Leg Doll House Antique Rare
  • Antique Or Old Wood Dollhouse Doll House 23 3/4 Tall
  • Rare Childrens Antique Dutch Doll House 1930s German Kitchen
  • Antique Handmade Wood Farm Doll House Vintage Collection Unique Handcraft